Domino is Caioh‘s red puffle, known as Dom, Domi, or Mino for short. Although puffles technically don’t have an actual gender, I prefer to think of Domino as a boy, or he-puffle. Domino’s name comes from two reasons: the first being that he acts like a domino around Club Penguin – whether I take him for a walk around other penguin’s igloos, to CP’s rooms and fields, or even my own igloo – he’s just always rollin’!

The second reason is that Domino absolutely adores pizza, wanting to name himself after the real-life brand, Domino’s Pizza. It’s not exactly the healthiest food on Club Penguin, so he has to make do with a bowl of Puffle O’s for breakfast. But for lunch, he and his owner go out to the Pizza Parlor forsome steaming hot pizza. Dom’s sister, Blueberry the blue puffle, prefers to stay at home and eat more Puffle O’s though. And for dinner, Dom’s owner orders a take-away meal from the Pizza Parlor and some drinks from the Coffee Shop. Fridays are usually Candy Night at our igloo, and even young, healthy Blueberry will join in on the candy pizzas this time!

RedPuffle SurfingDomino is pretty much always very alive (he doesn’t like naps much), alert, awake, and enthusiastic. And of course, adventurous yet loyal. He can never get enough of playing Catchin’ Waves with me, and it’s his favorite game. He even surfs in his baths! As Mino loves treats so much, we usually warm up at the Cove’s campfire after a whole afternoon of surfing, where we meet up with Blueberry and eat s’mores.

Another hobby of his is horsing around my igloo. Being in his domino-like nature, he loves knocking down bowling pins like they’re dominos, stacking them back up, and rolling his self at the pins at full force and knocking them down again. If he’s in a really good mood, he plays with his cannon. I have to make sure he’s wearing his red-and-white safety helmet and equipped with a parachute first, but he goes wild firing himself out anyway. It’s always a relief to see his slow and peaceful descent to the ground!

When he’s not playing with his sister or me, and Captain Rockhopper’s ship is docked next to the Lighthouse, I take him to the Migrator‘s Crow’s Nest to visit his best friend, Yarr. As you may or may not already know, red puffles originated from Rockhopper Island but have been released into Club Penguin for adoptions. I don’t want to invade their privacy, so I leave Domi and Yarr together while I go do something else. I don’t know what they chat and laugh about, but they can sit up there for hours on end if they could!


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