Blueberry is Caioh‘s blue puffle, and she is known as Blue for short. Although puffles do not really have genders, I like to think that Blueberry is a she-puffle, or a girl. Like a typical blueberry, she is round, healthy, and blue – just like the ripe fruits.

Due to her strong and healthy diet, Blueberry’s favorite food is Puffle O’s. She eats a bowl of Puffle O’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, she also loves cookies. Blue can nibble at a cookie for hours if she wanted to make it last!

I often like to take her out on walks to visit Club Penguin, and Blueberry is always very mild-tempered, content, and loyal about it. She is very obedient and will take a nap or bath immediately when she is asked. Blueberry is also very clever and likes to read at the Book Room or solve puzzles found in the Penguin Times newspaper every Thursday with her owner. When she is not eating, bathing, reading or resting, Blue likes to run laps around the igloo or play with her favorite toy, her red-and-yellow beach ball, as a form of excersize. Her brother, Dominic the red puffle, will sometimes join in the fun and games. This makes it easy for me to take care of her!


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